For Patients

Thank you for choosing RIBUMED as your preferred medical facility and for entrusting us with your care. Please find below the relevant information for your upcoming visit to one of our facilities, including the forms you need to complete prior to admission as well as advice on how to prepare and what to expect on the day of your procedure. Please feel free to discuss any queries or special needs with our team.


At RIBUMED DAY HOSPITAL we are committed to providing quality care, a safe environment and our team will ensure your stay with us is as comfortable as possible.


On the day of your surgery please arrive at the Hospital at the agreed stipulated time. Your details will be captured and you will be shown through to the patient ward wherein you will receive further attention.



A nurse will complete your admission documentation and you will be required to change into your theatre attire. There are secure lockers to store your belongings.

The anaesthetist will discuss your medical history at a pre-operative consultation, answer any questions you may have about your anaesthetist and pain management. Following the surgery and once you are fully awake, you will be transferred from the recovery area to the ward. You will be offered light refreshments and will be kept for monitoring in the ward for no less than 2 hours post-operatively.


Your family will be contacted on discharge and you will be given the relevant information regarding wound care, medication and follow up appointment. You will be given the doctors contact details in the case of an emergency.

Our RIBUMED BEHAVIOURAL CENTRE is dedicated to treating patients suffering from mental health issues and general psychiatry illnesses such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, adolescents, drug abuse and eating disorders.

Facilitated by our behavioural teams consisting of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapist and Social Workers, our overall goal is to help patients change behavioural, emotional, and interpersonal patterns associated with problems in living. Programs will consist of individual, group and family therapy in addition to skills development, art therapy, leisure activities, exercise classes, and post discharge support groups.


All of our treatments will be holistically integrated and aimed at assisting patients in developing skills to manage their mental health conditions in order to build and maintain healthy relationships.


Admission to RIBUMED BEHAVIOURAL CENTRE will be through referral by your treating doctor or Psychiatrist. Our facility is operational 24 hours.


Each patient’s needs are different and at the RIBUMED BEHAVIOURAL CENTRE we recognise and embrace this. Our programs are designed for specific patient needs and will be maintained over a minimum 7-day period to provide adequate time for assessment and intervention so as to equip each patient the with requisite management and coping skills to better enable them once they have been discharged from the facility.

Referral for supportive therapy will be recommended by Psychologists and Psychiatrists to the relevant health care professional and will be conducted at the facility.


Your family will be contacted on discharge and you will be given the relevant information regarding medication, further treatment plans and follow up appointment.

You will be given the doctors contact details in the case of any emergency which may follow.

Our attention to patient-centric, centre-specific care allows us to provide the best dialysis experiences for both our patients and our Nephrology Professionals.

The practice provides high quality renal support with the use of state-of-the-art equipment and HPCSA certified staff.


RIBUMED RENAL CARE offer dialysis treatment from Monday to Saturday. You will be referred to us by the Nephrologist treating you and you will be advised of the sessions and stipulated times booked based on the number of sessions you require on a weekly basis.



You will be connected to the dialysis machine for Haemodialysis by one of our qualified clinical technicians. Your doctor may occasionally consult with you whilst you are in the unit.

Refreshments will be provided during your time at the unit.


Once you have completed your dialysis session, you will be assessed by the clinical technician to ensure you can be discharged. Your family will be contacted, and you will be given the relevant information regarding your stipulated diet, medication and caring for your catheter or fistula.

Together with our patient care team, we are here to assist you, in order for you to continue doing the things you love and living your life to the fullest.